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In partnership with PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. In 2007, one of my clients came to us with a specific request: His management team wanted a channel assessment with an investment plan for internal communications. Typically, we had approached communications from a … Continue reading How We Did It: How to Measure the Efficacy of Your Channels

The results of a recently released study suggest that digitalization is the key technology trend to affect PR/Comms in the mid-term yet very few respondents envision their role to “have a research led strategic insight function” within their organization in the near future. It is fair to assume that discussions about giving a central role … Continue reading Measurement and Evaluation Remain a Challenge for PR: According to PR2025 Delphi Study

This post is provided by the IPR Organizational Research Communication Center.  Industry surveys repeatedly report that measuring communication effectiveness and the link between internal communication initiatives and business results is a real challenge to the internal communication practice. IC Kollectif’s recent report, The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communication investigates how leading in-house … Continue reading Linking Internal Communication to Business Results

Smith, Brian G., Smith, Staci, B., & Knighton, Devin (2018). Social media dialogues in a crisis: A mixed-methods approach to identifying publics on social media. Public Relations Review, 44, 562–573. Summary Despite the promise of social media to engender dialogue, research commonly prioritizes monologue—analyzing the strategies organizations use in targeting publics. This is especially the … Continue reading Social Media Dialogues in a Crisis: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Identifying Publics on Social Media

Authors, Title and Publication Zwijze-Koning, K. H., De Jong, M. T., & Van Vuuren, M. (2015). Evaluating internal public relations using the critical incident technique. Journal of Public Relations Research, 27(1), 46-62. Summary This study validates the critical incident technique (CIT) as a communication audit method to evaluate internal communication. Communication audit techniques, especially the qualitative approaches … Continue reading Evaluating Internal Public Relations Using the Critical Incident Technique

Topic: Change Communication Authors, Title and Publication Christensen, M. (2014). Communication as a strategic tool in change processes. Journal of Business Communication, 51(4), 359-385. Summary A major challenge for organizations is to develop both climate and leadership strategies that allow them to cope with challenges such as downsizing, re-engineering, flattening structures, global competition, and the introduction of … Continue reading Four Strategies for Communicating with Employees During a Major Change