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We Are No Longer in ChargeVirtually every innovation in the field of public relations over the last two decades has focused on one thing: engagement. We now want the voices of publics to feature prominently in our messaging. In fact, much of the writing about these innovations in the early 2000s argued that the role … Continue reading Hateproofing Your Message: Response and Prevention Strategies for “Hatejacks”

Executive Summary This paper explores public relations training for adult learners working in an applied field. Specifically, the approach to public relations training was considered in a global context. The study looked at a decade long project initiated by the U.S. State department. The project focused on training multinational staff at U.S. posts to better … Continue reading Globalizing Public Relations: Benefits of Multinational Public Relations Teams

This summary is provided by the IPR Street Team based on the original study, “Citizens’ political public relations: Unpacking choices, and emergent and deliberate strategies in building trust and relations among groups in conflict” by Arunima Krishna, Stacey L. Connaughton, and Jasmine R. Linabary in Public Relations Review Summary The concept of citizens’ political public … Continue reading Citizens’ Political Public Relations: Building Relations Among Conflicting Groups

Summary Busy seasons, workforce reductions, and other organizational events can all bring about changes (increases or decreases) to employees’ workload. Employees oftentimes foresee and anticipate future workload changes. For example, many employees expect a workload increase when a team member leaves the company. Researchers sought to answer the question: how do we react to our … Continue reading Looking Forward: The Effect of Anticipated Workload Change on Emotional Strain

This summary is provided by the IPR Street Team based on the original study, “Corporate Social Advocacy as Public Interest Communication: Exploring Perceptions of Corporate Involvement in Controversial Social-Political Issues” by Lucinda Austin, Barbara Gaither, and T. Kenn Gaither in the Journal of Public Interest Communications. Summary Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing in importance … Continue reading Exploring Corporate Involvement in Controversial Social-Political Issues