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WE Communications analyzed the new rules of corporate reputation and how pressure is being put on brands to help solve three main issues: rising prices, a global climate crisis, and fears of job loss in an AI world. An online quantitative study of 14,801 consumer respondents was conducted across seven global markets from June 2, … Continue reading Corporate Brands in Motion 2023

This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. My agency conducts the Integral Employee Activation Index study annually with The Harris Poll to understand employee mindset and behaviors. We just did a pulse check and the results stunned me. Employees’ expectations about the issues their employer takes a stand on changed drastically. … Continue reading Employees Concerns Beyond Job Creation and Well-being

Individuals want to buy from and work for organizations that align with their values. Why then are so few brands willing to make their position on issues impacting our society clear to their stakeholders? Now we have some key answers. Only 18% of brands are very likely to speak out on any social issues this … Continue reading Why Aren’t More Brands Speaking out on Social Issues? Here’s What We Know

Corporate involvement in social issues such as racial justice, voting access and climate change is on the rise, but so is demand for corporate leadership on these issues. More than 60% of Americans would like to see major companies advocate to protect the environment; provide food security; end discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation … Continue reading In Social Issue Engagement, Major Companies Face Great Expectations — And Greater Controversy

The authors of this study reviewed literature on justice-based and organizational benefits of workplace gender diversity that is informed by evidence regarding sex differences and their relationship with vocational behavior and outcomes. Key Findings: ·       Justice-based benefits of workplace gender diversity include: o   May cause less sex discrimination o   May combat androcentrism in products and … Continue reading Why Does Workplace Gender Diversity Matter? Justice, Organizational Benefits, and Policy