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This roundtable discussion is provided by the IPR Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Members of the IPR Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI) gathered virtually to discuss the connection between diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and mental health. IPR CDEI member Dr. Jen Vardeman, Associate Professor at the University of Houston, moderated the … Continue reading CDEI Roundtable: Exploring Mental Health

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. Heewon Kim and colleagues examined how perceived qualities of change communication, organizational support, and supervisor support during the COVID-19 pandemic influenced young adult workers’ resilience and efficacy. An online survey among 293 South Korean young adult workers was conducted in July 2020. Key … Continue reading Fostering Young Adult Workers’ During COVID-19 Through Supervisor Support

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become an essential part of both private and working time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ICTs became even more important, as many employees were required to work from home and organizations relied heavily on technology. Although ICTs provide … Continue reading Technology and Burnout in the Age of Remote Work

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center based on the original article in Management Communication Quarterly Summary This study proposed a model that demonstrates the relationships between work-related emotional communication (i.e., emotional labor and emotional work) and three dimensions of burnout. Burnout entails exhaustion (energy depletion), cynicism (detachment from and negativity toward … Continue reading The Relationship Between Work-Related Emotional Communication and Burnout

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Summary Ending employment, through termination, dismissal, disengagement, firing, or quitting is a natural part of the organizational experience. Whether initiated by the employer “moving in a different direction” or employees “pursuing other opportunities,” ending employment creates the potential for uncertainty for remaining employees in the organization. … Continue reading An Exploration of the Relationships Between Organizational Dissent, Employee Burnout, and Work-Family Balance