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This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Internal Communication (IC) is an essential part of any organization’s success. It is the backbone of a company’s culture and its ability to drive performance, engagement, and commitment among employees. However, measuring the effectiveness of internal communication has often been ignored or considered unimportant … Continue reading Why Measuring Internal Communication Matters: Insights and Strategies for Better Results

Smarter Strategy Triple-Play I recently presented at the Summit on the Future of Measurement to demonstrate strategic ways marketing and communications professionals can approach the global economic downturn to achieve more with the same budget and/or effort. A key takeaway was that understanding what drives results and the dynamics that underpin change in the landscape, … Continue reading Go Further on Your Tank of Evaluation Gas

Recently, members of the IPR Measurement Commission joined in an online discussion about education on measurement and evaluation. The team discussed the core ingredients needed to make ideal measurement and evaluation practitioners. Thomas Stoeckle (Bournemouth University & Dot I/O Health): What are the core ingredients needed to make ideal measurement and evaluation practitioners? We want … Continue reading Necessary Skills for Incoming PR Professionals

Recently, members of the IPR Measurement Commission participated in an online discussion about internal communication measurement. Led by IPR Measurement Commission Member Sean Williams, the IPR Measurement Commissioners discussed how to measure internal communication impacts and behaviors.  Here is what they had to say: Sean Williams (Bowling Green State University):  I had the honor to … Continue reading Measurement Roundtable: Measuring Internal Communication

This post is provided by the IPR Organizational Research Communication Center.  Industry surveys repeatedly report that measuring communication effectiveness and the link between internal communication initiatives and business results is a real challenge to the internal communication practice. IC Kollectif’s recent report, The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communication investigates how leading in-house … Continue reading Linking Internal Communication to Business Results

This post is written by the 2017 IPR Don Bartholomew Award For Excellence in Research winner, sponsored by  Download the full study here.  What is the current state of nonprofits’ public relations measurement and evaluation? How can we better measure and evaluate communication as well as better use findings? This paper provides an accessible, yet comprehensive introduction … Continue reading A Guide: How Nonprofits Can Better Use Measurement