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Weber Shandwick and KRC Research examined American consumer and employee opinions on the role businesses play in national elections. An online survey of 1,009 U.S. adults was conducted from February 9–12, 2024. Key findings include: 1.) 44% of respondents somewhat agreed with the statement that “businesses are a constructive force for positive change.” — 25% … Continue reading Should Businesses Address Politics in the Workplace?

News consumption

Reuters Institute analyzed how news is being consumed online by people of different ages, genders, and regions. An online survey of 93,895 respondents across six continents and 46 markets was conducted from January ­– February 2023. Key findings include:  1.) 30% of respondents said having stories selected for them based on previous consumption was a … Continue reading How is Digital News Consumed Globally?

Gen Z

The Public Religion Research Institute analyzed how Generation Z (Gen Z) brings their values and viewpoints on political, social, and cultural issues into their communities, workplaces, and the greater U.S. political landscape. An online survey of 6,616 U.S. participants aged 13-25 years old was conducted from Aug. 21 – Sept. 15, 2023. Respondents were put into … Continue reading How does Gen Z View Generational Change and Political Leadership?

For businesses, political risk isn’t just the threat of new regulations or higher taxes. It’s also risk associated with the uncertainty of government actions, partisan politics, and, of course, election outcomes. As we examine the results of the 2023 Public Affairs Pulse survey, sponsored by the Public Affairs Council and conducted by Morning Consult, it’s … Continue reading New Poll Shows How Parties Differ In Views About Business And Democratic Values

This summary is provided by the IPR Digital Media Research Center Dr. Myojung Chung and colleagues analyzed how in-group vs. out-group social identities (in this case, political affiliation) affects how readers respond to political fact-checking messages written by a human or AI-centered source. The researchers conducted an experiment with 645 U.S.-based individuals asking them to … Continue reading Does AI Make Political Fact-Checking Less Divisive?

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication researched Americans’ viewpoints on climate policies. A national survey of 861 registered U.S. voters was conducted in Spring 2023. Key findings include: 1.) Overall, respondents across the political spectrum supported building energy-producing infrastructure in their local area, including solar farms (64%), wind farms (57%), and nuclear power plants … Continue reading Which Climate Change Policies Do Americans Suppport?

Pew Research Center researched how Americans view climate change and what steps they think the United States should take to address these issues. The research examines age, political, and regional differences. A online survey of 10,701 U.S. adults was conducted from March 13-19, 2023.  Key findings include: 1.) 69% of Americans favored the U.S. becoming carbon … Continue reading How Do Americans View Climate Change?

Pew Research Center examined the rise of podcasts as news and information sources in the past year. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics and attract different types of listeners. Pew Research Center highlights the reasons why Americans listen to podcasts and what these podcasts discuss. A survey of 5,132 U.S. adults was conducted from Dec. … Continue reading How Americans Use Podcasts as News and Information Sources

Morning Consult and Politico examined US voters’ views on law enforcement violence in 2023. A survey of 1,977 registered voters was conducted Jan. 27-29, 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 3-in-4 voters surveyed said police violence against the public is a “very” or “somewhat” serious problem in the United States. — This figure was 73% in … Continue reading Some American Voters See Police Violence as a Common Problem Against Black Americans

Pew Research Center examined Americans’ perceptions of financial institutions and large corporations. A survey of 5,098 adults was conducted from Oct. 10–16, 2022. Key findings include:1.) 26% of Republicans and 25% of Democrats said large corporations have a positive effect on the country.— This statistic was 54% for republicans and 23% for Democrats in 2019.2.) … Continue reading Anti-Corporate Sentiment in the U.S. is Widespread