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Dr. William J. Brady and colleagues analyzed the how social media users perceive more anger and outrage from political posts than how the author originally intended. This misunderstanding of tone affects belief in polarization, extremity, and normalizes a sense of hatred on platforms. Five studies of 650 participants took place from July 2020 to March … Continue reading Why Users Overpercieve Outrage on Twitter

Pew Research Center examined the rise of podcasts as news and information sources in the past year. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics and attract different types of listeners. Pew Research Center highlights the reasons why Americans listen to podcasts and what these podcasts discuss. A survey of 5,132 U.S. adults was conducted from Dec. … Continue reading How Americans Use Podcasts as News and Information Sources

In partnership with PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. I’ve had a lot of dreams in my lifetime. Some I’ve kept to myself. Many I’ve shared with the universe. I’ve learned that when I dream big and make my dreams bigger than my … Continue reading How We Did It: How an Inspirational Content Series Became a PR Powerhouse